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English Electives

The goal of this course is to teach students how to critically analyze and evaluate films as cultural texts that open a window into society. The primary form of cultural and historical analysis that will be undertaken in this class will involve students viewing a variety of films and writing critical film reviews. A good film review examines both how a film works and how and why it affects the viewer the way it does. Students will learn how to use popular films to understand competing perspectives on history, culture, and society. While some class time will be spent on viewing films, an equal amount of time will be spent on writing instruction related to film analysis. Students will learn to recognize the technical aspects of film that contribute to its “deeper meaning.” What is the screenwriter’s intent? How do the cast and production team communicate that meaning to the audience? Essays include formal analysis, film history, ideological and cultural essays, and film criticism.

Course Objective:  To bring the words we read to living, breathing life in a live performance! 

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